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405.8.2AR - Attendance at Clinics and Workshops

405.8.2AR - Attendance at Clinics and Workshops

Adopted: March 1977
Revised: November 2002

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1. Overview

The following guidelines will generally be followed and approval must be gained from and documented in writing by the assistant principal and principal of the school.  Each clinic attendance will be considered individually by the administration.

2. Expenses

The budget allocation for clinics shall be administered by the head coach, assistant principal and principal.

2.1 Coaches who are clinicians or teachers who are representatives of the district may attend at the district's expense with administrative approval.  Such participation shall not be charged to the individual’s portion of the clinic budget allocation.

2.2 The above budget figure should cover mileage, registration, meals and lodging.

2.3 If the clinic is approved and it occurs during a school day, the district will pay for the substitute.

2.4 Meal allocation will be $25 for dinner, $15 for lunch, and $10 for breakfast.

3. Attendance Limit

The general limit will be no more than one clinic for assistant coaches and two for head coaches annually. 

3.1 State tournament attendance where substitutes are involved will count as one clinic for head coaches.

3.2 No more than two coaches may be absent on a school day without the knowledge and consent of the high school principal.