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405.10AR - Employee Property Claims

405.10AR - Employee Property Claims

Adopted: February 2018

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1. Responsibility for Property

District 196 provides all essential items required to perform an employee’s duties. Any personal property which is brought onto District 196 premises is at the employee’s sole risk. Employees should take necessary precautions to protect their personal effects from theft, loss or damage while on District 196 premises or traveling on District 196 business. District 196 will not provide reimbursement to repair or replace an employee’s property except as provided in this regulation.

2. Reimbursement

District 196 will provide reimbursement for prescription eyeglasses, hearing aids, and similar adaptive devices an employee requires to complete their responsibilities under circumstances in which the property is damaged or destroyed by a student in the course of the employee’s performance of duties and the damage or destruction is not due to the employee’s own negligence. Reimbursement is not available under this regulation if the damaged or destroyed property is covered by workers compensation insurance or other insurance, including the private insurance of the employee.

3. Claims Process

3.1 Within 14 calendar days following an incident in which the personal property of an employee is damaged or destroyed (prescription eyeglasses, hearing aids, similar adaptive devices), a written claim report shall be filed by the employee with the employee’s immediate supervisor. The claim report must include a description of the incident and the estimated cost of repair or replacement of the property. A receipt must be provided before reimbursement will be made.

3.2 The supervisor will forward the claim report to the Human Resources Department for processing. The Human Resources Department shall verify that the incident is covered by this regulation and that the claimed cost of the repair or replacement is reasonable. If approved by the Human Resources Department, the Department will forward the claim report to the Finance Department. If the claim is denied, the Human Resources Department will notify the employee.

3.3 Upon receipt of an approved claim under this regulation, the Finance Department will arrange for reimbursement to the employee in the amount claimed. Maximum reimbursement per claim will be limited to $600.00.