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402.3.3.2AR - Scouting

402.3.3.2AR - Scouting

Adopted: March 1977
Revised: November 2002

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1. Responsibility

Head coaches or designated assistants at the high school level are responsible for scouting opponents in each sport.

1.1 A season scouting plan shall be submitted for approval to the assistant principal for athletics prior to the beginning of the season.

1.2 All scouting must be approved in advance by the administrator for athletics.

1.3 Some sports will require more scouting than can be accomplished by assistant coaches.  With the approval of the assistant principal for athletics, the head coach may hire middle school coaches and/or a person from outside the district.

2. Finances

2.1 Expenses will be paid in accordance with Administrative Regulation 402.3.3.1AR, Compensation for Special Supervisory Assignments. 

2.2 An up-to-date financial log of scouting expenses should be kept throughout the season by the head coach.