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402.2.1P - Classified Personnel Selection and Assignment

402.2.1P - Classified Personnel Selection and Assignment

Adopted: November 1983

Download 402.2.1P - Classified Personnel Selection and Assignment


To:                Director of Human Resources


From:           _________________________________           School                             


Date:            _________________________________


Subject:        Instructional Vacancy        ___________________


                    Classified Vacancy             ___________________      (Please Check One)



1.     Title Of Position:       


        Is this a newly allocated position?     Yes    ______________      No           


        If yes, by whose authorization?       


2.     Replacement for:       


        Reason for vacancy:       


3.     Type of posting desired:             Natural_______    Regional_______        State_______                 Indistrict________


4.     Any unusual qualifications desired?  Yes    ______________      No           


        If yes, what?       


5.     Any unusual responsibilities entailed?       Yes__________              No                                                              


6.     If yes, what?       


7.     Wages recommended (Lane, Step, etc.):       


8.     Effective date of employment:       


9.     Number of hours per day?       


        If a classified position, is it:     10-month_____    12-month_____    Other___________


        If other, explain:       


10.   Additional request, please list below:




_________________________________                               _________________________________

Date                                                                         Principal's Signature