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402 - Instructional Employees (Counselors, Deans, Teachers, Nurses)

402 - Instructional Employees (Counselors, Deans, Teachers, Nurses)

Adopted: December 1976
Revised: March 1990

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1. Licensure

Instructional employees will be properly licensed as required by statute and the Minnesota Department of Education.  Issuance and renewal of continuing licensure is the responsibility of the instructional employee at the local level. 

2. Contracts

Contracts with licensed personnel shall be written in compliance with the negotiated master agreement of the designated employee unit.  Teachers will be granted continuing contracts consistent with the laws of the State of Minnesota.

3. Assignment and Transfer

3.1 Assignment shall be based upon the qualifications of the candidate and the philosophy and needs of the district. 

3.2 Requests for transfer may be made by teachers.  Changes in assignment shall be made by the superintendent, with the full knowledge of everyone involved, to improve the welfare of students and to strengthen or implement the educational program. 

3.3 Assignments and transfer procedures shall be in compliance with board policy and written master agreements.

4. Supervision and Evaluation

The board recognizes that a primary goal of District 196 is to develop learning potential.  For students to develop and achieve their learning potential, teachers also must be active learners.  Since the link between teacher and student must be strong and dynamic, so must be the link between teacher and administrator.  Therefore, the board requires that a process be identified to guide teachers through the enterprise of achieving their professional potential in order for the students to achieve their potential.  The process shall blend ideas learned through staff development activities with supervision and evaluation experiences.  It shall include professional growth to enhance the development of each teacher and supervision and evaluation to document each teacher's growth based on the achievement of performance behaviors.  An administrator shall direct the supervision process and conduct the evaluation of each teacher.

5. Dismissal

The board may dismiss a licensed employee with a continuing contract according to statute.