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401.5.1P - Background Check: Pre-Adverse Action Letter

401.5.1P - Background Check: Pre-Adverse Action Letter

Adopted: December 2003

Download 401.5.1P - Background Check: Pre-Adverse Action Letter


Dear (Applicant Name):

You recently applied for a position in Independent School District 196.  Part of the application process includes authorization for a background verification to be done by a consumer reporting agency.

This communication is to notify you that we are considering making an adverse employment decision based on our hiring criteria, including information received in your background profile report.

A copy of your report is enclosed, as well as a copy of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  You have the following recourse:  withdraw your application or challenge the accuracy and completeness of the background check.

You may want to provide additional information to refute the results contained in this report.  This must be done in writing and Independent School District 196 must receive your written explanation within five business days from the date of this letter.



Director of Human Resources


  • Background Report
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Rights