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301 - Administration

301 - Administration

Adopted: May 1983
Revised: October 2012

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1.  Chief Administrative Officer

1.1 The superintendent shall be the chief administrative officer of the district and shall be appointed by and be directly responsible to the School Board for the discharge of his/ her responsibilities.  The superintendent shall act in accordance with the policies established by the board, and the laws and administrative regulations of the State of Minnesota and the U.S. Government.

1.2 The entire administration of the district shall be delegated to the superintendent. 

1.3 The execution of all decisions of the School Board concerning the internal operation of the district shall be delegated to the superintendent. The superintendent shall also initiate actions to facilitate the internal operation of the district as long as those actions are in accordance with board policy.

1.4 The superintendent shall be the sole official representative and spokesperson of the District.

2. Qualifications

2.1 The superintendent shall possess the qualities of professional and civic leadership and have experience and training which demonstrate competency in business and educational administration.

2.1.1 The superintendent shall possess a Minnesota superintendent's license.

3. Appointment

3.1 The School Board shall establish a procedure for screening and selecting the most qualified candidate in the event of a vacancy.

4. Functions

4.1 The superintendent shall function as the educational leader for the district and community and develop, along with her/his staff, the present and long-term plans for the total program of public education in the district.  He/she shall be, with the assistance of available and necessary personnel, the chief educational consultant of the School Board.

4.2 The superintendent shall notify School Board members of all regular and special board meetings and attend all board meetings.  He/she shall have the right to speak at Board meetings on all matters before the board and shall make recommendations regarding decisions under consideration by the board.

4.3 The superintendent shall be the professional advisor to the School Board in the formulation of policies for the government of the district.  He/she shall have the power to establish procedures to govern district operation.

4.4 The superintendent shall be responsible for interpreting School Board policies and for developing appropriate administrative regulations.

4.5 The superintendent shall establish and maintain an appropriate organizational system and shall be responsible for the proper administration of the schools.

4.6 The superintendent shall assume full responsibility for making all recommendations to the School Board on all phases of district operation.

4.7 The superintendent shall be responsible for recruitment, selection, assignment and transfer of employees needed by the district and for establishing an appropriate procedure for recommending persons for employment by the School Board.

4.8 The superintendent shall keep the School Board appraised of the success of policies adopted, the general condition of the district and issues requiring board consideration.

4.9 In addition to those other powers and duties enumerated and provided for by the law, the superintendent shall have the following specific powers and duties and shall be directly responsible to the School Board for their proper execution.  (The mention of these particular powers and duties shall not be interpreted to exclude powers and duties not mentioned but incidental to the position of superintendent and chief administrative officer of the district.)

4.9.1 Administration of the schools in the district shall be unified under the direction of the superintendent.

4.9.2 The superintendent shall recommend books, instructional supplies, services and equipment for adoption or approval by the board.

4.9.3 The superintendent shall be responsible for the supervision of all instruction and the control and management of all learners.

4.9.4 The superintendent shall be responsible, along with her/his staff, for the formulation of curricula and the development of courses of study. These shall be subject to the approval of the board.

4.9.5 The superintendent shall be responsible for preparing the annual budget and shall submit it to the board for approval.

4.9.6 The superintendent shall have control and supervision of all district buildings, grounds and equipment, subject to the policies adopted by the board.

4.9.7 The superintendent shall recommend plans for, repairs to and renovations of school property and new construction.  He/she shall determine that all such plans, once approved by the board, are properly executed.

4.9.8 The superintendent shall hear complaints against the schools and the district.  He/she shall act as decision-maker in matters of controversy.

4.9.9 Within a reasonable time after receiving reports from such outside agents as the auditor, fire department, health department, energy department and the Minnesota Department of Education, the superintendent shall, as necessary, inform the School Board of the action he/she has taken in response to recommendations made in such reports.

4.9.10 The superintendent shall be responsible for collective bargaining and/or meeting and conferring with any bargaining agent which has been recognized or certified.  He/she shall have the authority to negotiate on behalf of the School Board provided, however, that no agreements are valid or binding unless and until adopted by the board.

4.9.11 The superintendent may delegate any of the powers and duties which the School Board has entrusted to her/him, but in every instance she/he shall continue to be responsible and accountable to the board for the execution of the powers and duties delegated.