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102 - Kindergarten Philosophy and Mission

102 - Kindergarten Philosophy and Mission

Adopted: June 2005

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1. Philosophy

The goal of education is to encourage the development of children who are happy, compassionate, self-initiating, creative, inquisitive and eager to learn. Kindergarten lays a foundation for learning experiences by providing appropriate opportunities for these qualities to develop.

2. Mission

2.1 The District 196 kindergarten program provides an environment where each child is respected as a unique individual. It responds to differences, special needs, interests, temperaments and learning styles. The atmosphere in the classroom is nurturing and inviting.

2.2 Kindergarten instruction encourages the growth of problem solving, decision making and communication skills, and supports cooperative learning, socialization, healthy self-esteem and creativity. Growth occurs as children actively participate in concrete, hands-on activities each day. Teachers determine the activities based on the children in their classroom and curriculum frameworks. Children have opportunities to assume increasing responsibilities for self-care and independence.

2.3 The kindergarten program fosters the important connections between home, school and the community. This is most effective when families and teachers work cooperatively to encourage and support children as they learn and strive to reach their full potential.