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Attendance-Area Adjustments

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Proposed adjustments seek to ease current and future crowding at Rosemount high and middle school

Recommendations part of larger effort to address projected growth

District 196 is proposing to adjust middle school and high school attendance areas to begin to ease current and projected overcrowding at Rosemount High School and Rosemount Middle School by more fully utilizing existing space at other district schools. 

  • Rosemount High School has capacity for approximately 2,115 students and current enrollment is 2,445. This year’s freshman class at Rosemount is more than 675 students and the school’s total enrollment is projected to grow to 2,660 in the next three years, 545 over current capacity. 
  • Rosemount Middle School has capacity for approximately 1,180 students and current enrollment is 1,220. Enrollment is projected to grow to 1,335 students in the next three years, 155 over current capacity.

If approved, the attendance-area adjustments would take effect starting with the 2022-23 school year next fall. Because of tradition and strong connections with school communities, the administration is recommending a phased implementation where families would have the choice to enroll at their new attendance-area school or remain enrolled at their current attendance-area school through completion of that level. Transportation would be provided to either middle school over the next two years, through the 2023-24 school year, and to either high school over the next four years, through the 2025-26 school year. Read more of the background of proposed attendance area adjustments > 

  • The four proposed high school changes would move the outermost parts of the Rosemount High School attendance area to three other high schools – Apple Valley, Eagan and Eastview. There are 600 District 196 high school students currently living in these four areas combined, most attending Rosemount High.
  • The four proposed middle school changes would move parts of the Rosemount Middle School attendance area to Dakota Hills and Scott Highlands middle schools, and parts of the Scott Highlands attendance area to Falcon Ridge and Valley middle schools. There are 380 District 196 middle school students currently living in these four areas combined.

First page of the PDF file: MSProposedAttendanceAreaChanges_October2021

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First page of the PDF file: HSProposedAttendanceAreas_October2021

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