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is a web-based system that allows you, as a parent, to become even more aware of your child’s progress at school.

FeePay™ allows parents to go to single website to pay for meal accounts, parents can register children for school activities and pay for those activities by credit or online check option. The district will cover the credit card processing charges.

If you already have an account and need help accessing SchoolView please click here.

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The PCN (Parent Communication Network) now has a section on our site covering upcoming events.
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Fab Lab Happening

VMS is looking to the future with building a Fab Lab in partnership with BTD.

Fab Lab Logo

Learn more here!

See how far we've come.

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Staff Directory


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Eagles Nest Donations

Valley Middle School is changing its fundraising structure and will no longer be utilizing magazine sales. Parents and community members wishing to make contributions may do so in one of two ways:

  1. Purchase items listed and drop them off at the VMS office
  2. Submit a monetary gift to our PCN (Parent Communication Network).

Donations Requested

  1. 3 fold presentation boards for 7th Grade American Studies Classes
  2. Children's Books or Bilingual Spanish/English Books for Spanish Classes
    (Donated by Gilmore Family)
  3. Spanish Bananagrams Game for Spanish Classes
    (Donated by Gilmore Family)
  4. Sidewalk Chalk for Spanish Classes
  5. Tissues/Kleenex for All Classes
  6. Vis-á-vis Markers for All Classes
  7. "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton
    (1997 hardcover Puffin version) for 8th grade English Classes
  1. Headphones for Media Technology Classes
  2. Treats for SuperStar Drawings
  3. School Supplies for Student Use
    • colored pencils
    • folders
    • pencils
    • binders
    • construction paper
    • calculators
    • double stick tape
logo Click the logo to read more on how you can help!   labels for learning Click the logo to learn how to earn money for your school just by saving your labels. Turn your labels in to the main office.

Specify VMS or open a new card and specify VMS to earn money for your school every time you use it.

VMS just received a check for $4,305.25 because our parents chose VMS as their school at Target. Thank you VMS Parents!!
btfe Click the logo to learn how to earn money for your school just by saving your box tops. Turn your box tops in to the main office. VMS just received $1,586.99 from our collection of Box Tops for Education which were turned in last December! Thank you so much!

Little Caesar's and Batteries Plus have participated in labels2learn which has donated $44.05 to VMS.