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The goal of the social work program is to partner directly with families, educators, students, and our communities to address and overcome barriers to academic achievement at the elementary level. Ultimately this partnership provides the necessary support and guidance that are essential to academic success and sound life decisions.

School social workers are licensed mental health professionals who are trained to provide support and interventions to children and families proactively and in times of emotional/mental health crisis. 

Models of service delivery

Group social work services

School social workers often help students to learn and apply a variety of skills in small group settings. Topics vary, and sessions focus on improving social, emotional, and academic functioning, with the ultimate goal of educating every child to reach their full potential. Please note that social work groups are created around the ever-changing needs of each building and may vary throughout the year and at each site. Please contact your child’s school social worker for more information.

Individual social work services

School social workers interact with students individually for a variety of reasons. Positive reinforcement, supporting families while in times of crisis, behavior modification, attendance and specific skill development are a sampling of some of those reasons. Through the development of a trusting connection with each student, school social workers are able to support the growth of the whole child, and include other stakeholders as needed.

Family services

The elementary school social workers are available to assist families in addressing a variety of needs. Through direct consultation and linkage to appropriate community resources, the needs of the whole family can be identified and serviced. These resources focus on helping children and families to overcome barriers to education and are geared towards meeting their basic needs. Please contact your child’s school social worker to determine if they can be of assistance to you.

Confidentiality statement

Standards of practice for school social workers require that “adequate safeguards for the privacy and confidentiality of information” be maintained.

Confidentiality is an underlying principle of school social work and is essential to the establishment of an atmosphere of confidence and trust between the professionals and the individuals they serve. Information is communicated to school social workers by students and families with the expectation that these communications will remain confidential.

Assurance of confidentiality promotes the free disclosure of information necessary for effective treatment. (School Social Work Association of America)


Please contact your child’s school social worker or Interim Director of Special Education Janet Fimmen at 651-423-0697 with any questions you may have.

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