Cultural Family Advocates

Cultural Family Advocates

Cultural Family Advocates (CFA) support the Achievement and Integration Plan by working with culturally and ethnically diverse students, to increase and support over all participation and academic achievement. These staff members advise school staff in understanding the culture and expectations of diverse families, and serve as a liaison between the school district and diverse families in facilitating an understanding of school culture and expectations.

Contact our Cultural Family Advocates

Carita Green, Inclusion and Equity Coordinator
School locations: Districtwide

Faisal Madar, Inclusion and Equity Specialist
School locations: Districtwide

Derrick Cobb, Cultural Family Advocate
School locations: Echo Park

Milca Dominguez, Cultural Family Advocate
School locations: All middle schools
Secondary Language(s): Spanish

Francisca Elzeenny
Cultural Family Advocate
School locations: Eastview High School, School of Environmental Studies, Falcon Ridge Middle School, Scott Highlands Middle School, Cedar Park Elementary, Diamond Path Elementary, East Lake Elementary, Highland Elementary, Pinewood Elementary, Thomas Lake Elementary, Westview

Jennifer Ernst, Cultural Family Advocate
School locations: Oak Ridge Elementary, Echo Park Elementary

Josefa Gaona-Pacheco, Cultural Family Advocate
School locations: Cedar Park Elementary, Echo Park Elementary and Oak Ridge Elementary
Secondary Language(s):Spanish

Nimo Gedi, Cultural Family Advocate
School locations: Echo Park Elementary School of Leadership, Engineering & Technology
Secondary Language(s): Somali

Alix (Chance) Grande, Cultural Family Advocate
School locations: High schools
Secondary Language(s): Spanish

Amal Hersi Cultural Family Advocate
School locations: Oak Ridge

Jadee Jones, Cultural Family Advocate
School locations: Apple Valley High School, Valley Middle School, Scott Highlands Middle School

Patty Kaiser, Inclusion & Equity and English Language Learning Assistant
Location: District Office

Clara Montbriand, Cultural Family Advocate
School locations: Greenleaf Elementary, Pinewood Elementary
Secondary Language(s): Spanish

Rashelle Redmon, Cultural Family Advocate – Family Engagement and Student Achievement
651-423-7825 or 612-805-4838
School locations: Districtwide

Richard (Rick) Stanton, Cultural Family Advocate
School locations: Black Hawk Middle School, Rosemount Middle School, Dakota Hills Middle School, Eagan High School

Lisa Turgeon, Cultural Family Advocate/American Indian Education
School locations: Rosemount Elementary, Rosemount Middle School, Rosemount High School, Eagan High School, Dakota Hills Middle School, Glacier Hills Elementary, Northview Elementary, Red Pine Elementary, Shannon Park Elementary and Woodland Elementary.

Kadra Warsame, Cultural Family Advocate
School locations: Cedar Park Elementary, Southview Elementary, Falcon Ridge Middle School
Secondary Language(s): Somali

Jorja Valandra, Cultural Family Advocate
School locationsDeerwood Elementary, Echo Park Elementary, Greenleaf Elementary, Oak Ridge Elementary, Parkview Elementary, Southview Elementary, Black Hawk Middle School, Falcon Ridge Middle School, Valley Middle Middle School, Eastview High School, Apple Valley High School, Area Learning Center and the School of Environmental Studies