Nurse giving a shot

To enroll in child care, early childhood programs and school in Minnesota, parents or guardians must show that their child has received the required immunizations for their age or file a legal exemption. This information must be on file with the school nurse before the first day of school. Parents may file a medical exemption signed by a health care provider or a conscientious objection signed by a parent or guardian and notarized.

All students


Early Childhood/Connections Preschool


Kindergarten health information

The health packet received at kindergarten registration contains information and forms necessary for attending kindergarten.

  1. Health history information – Your child’s emergency information can be reviewed and updated once you have set up a ParentVUE account.  Please contact the school for information to set up a ParentVUE account.
  2. Emergency information – The student’s emergency information must be completely filled out and promptly submitted to the school. Be sure to update your emergency information if there is a change in information.
  3. Immunization records – Immunization forms must be filled out in black ink, include month, day and year, and be signed by physician or parents and returned to school before the first day of school.Your child may not attend school unless he or she are in compliance with the Minnesota State Immunization Laws and immunization records are on file in the school nurse’s office.



Secondary (Middle and High School)