For families registering their child for kindergarten, please bring the following with you when you visit your child’s school on February 6 or 7, 2019:

  1. Copy of your child’s birth certificate
  2. Completed Ethnic and Racial Demographic Designation Form (Forms and information are available below.)
  3. Completed Minnesota Language Survey (Forms and information are available below.)
  4. Your child’s Immunization Record (if you did not upload a copy during the online kindergarten enrollment process)

Minnesota Language Survey

The Minnesota Language Survey (MNLS) is used as the first step to identifying a student as an English Learner. It must be completed by parents/guardians for each student upon initial enrollment in District 196 schools and must only be completed once. Filing a copy of the survey with the school district is MANDATORY under state and federal law for all students.

What if parents refuse to complete the MNLS?

Parents have the right to decline to respond to the MNLS. In this situation, the top part of the MNLS must be filled out with the student’s information, and a note added to indicate that parents declined to respond. The MNLS should then be filed as usual.

2019-20 Ethnic and Racial Demographic Designation

Minnesota school districts are required to collect detailed information concerning student race and ethnicity. The goal of collecting this information is to better understand and identify the educational needs of all students. More information concerning the collection of this information is contained in the FAQ document prepared by the Minnesota Department of Education. In District 196, race and ethnicity information will only be used to better serve students, to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and services and as required by state and federal law.

Designation Form
Parent Letter
Frequently Asked Questions

If you need any of the above documents in a language other than what is available on this page, please visit the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE)