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Jim Ciemny
Jim Ciemny
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As a school social worker, my primary role is to partner directly with parents, students and teachers to assist children in reaching their full potential. Through confidential consultation I am available to assist our families in the following areas:

Crisis Intervention
-Provide support to families when locating housing, employment, food, financial and mental health resources as needs arise.

Individual Counseling-I will often meet with children to provide emotional support when they are experiencing stress in a specific area. This could stem from family, school, or a specific life event. I can assist parents and teachers to understand why the child is feeling these stressors and develop a plan to immediately help. Some examples of why I meet with children include

      • Work completion
      • Social skill development
      • Develop healthy friendships
      • Mental health concerns
      • Recent crisis at home (injury, illness, death, divorce, etc.)
      • Fear or anxiety regarding school
      • Child development
      • Support military families experiencing deployment 

Group Counseling-I also provide group counseling to assist children both academically and socially. The primary goal of group intervention is that through shared experiences, peer support, and effective modeling, children can learn positive coping strategies to immediately provide assistance. Throughout the school year I often host the following educational support groups:

      • Social skills-The propose of this group is to help children develop appropriate social contacts and friendships.
      • Grief and Loss-To help children understand and endure a death or significant loss within their family
      • Family Change-For students who have experienced parental divorce or separation.
If you would like to arrange a confidential consultation, or if you have any questions, please call me at your convenience.
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