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Fifth Grade Links
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Ken Ken

Science/Social Studies Resources

Overall timeline

Overall Information

America’s Story (timeline with stories)

Native Americans-pre-European Contact

Wampanoag Indians

Early Settlements

Jamestown Simulation

Jamestown Settlement



French and Indian War

French and Indian War Timeline

Events leading up to the Revolutionary War
Boston Massacre Historical Society
Timeline and information on Acts and Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War
American Revolution Who’s Who

American History Military Timeline with information

Constitution and Bill of Rights
Destiny of the 56 signers of the Declaration

Science Resources

A variety of links on different ecosystems-
Ecosystems Links

Websites on Monarch Butterflies:

Current updates of what's going on at Monarch Watch and with monarchs in general.

Information and websites on endangered species.

Somewhere under the sun, kids at ten secret sites are watching how day length changes with the seasons. We challenge you to find the ten Mystery Class sites using sunrise and sunset clues. Mystery Class starts in early February. Get ready now by building skills and understanding of Earth's daily and seasonal cycles

Information and activities compiled by the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Language Art Resources

Meriam Webster

The Idiom Connection

Paint by Idioms

American Idioms

Educational Resources
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