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Shannon Park Expectations
Shannon Park's focus is all about TEAMWORK. With students and staff working together everyone accomplishes more.
Shannon Park Expectations are at the center of all of our daily activities and learning experiences. During the 1995-1996 school year, students and staff highlighted one of our four expectations each quarter. One of the outcomes was second grade students interpreting the expectations through paintings. Four of these paintings are now displayed on the center wall in our Media Center.
Treat others and property with Respect with hands reaching for a paintbrush
Treat Others and Property with Respect
Students are encouraged to demonstrate self-control and display empathy when relating to others. Students will also respect and take care of personal and school property. Each child will be supported in his or her effort to feel capable of working toward this expectation. Meeting these goals will maintain a caring, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment.
Be Responsible for Your Own Learning with a child playing a saxophone
Be Responsible for your Own Learning
Students are expected to come to school prepared with proper materials and with a positive attitude. By getting organized and ready for the responsibilities of the school day, each child will be supported to achieve optimal learning in their own personal development.
Strive for your Best Achievement with hands catching a football
Strive for your Best Achievement
Students are urged to try hard to do their best in all school endeavors. This means doing your best, NOT being the best. We believe that this is something that all students can accomplish. Students will be supported and encouraged to reach their goals. By putting forth maximum effort to meet the social, academic, and physical challenges that school offers, each child will continue a life-long quest of reaching their full potential.
School bus with sign Be Cooperative
Be Cooperative
Each person needs to work together as a team. When you work as a team, you are able to accomplish so much more. Students will be encouraged to realize they contribute in a significant way. By developing cooperative skills, each child will strengthen his or her motivation to cooperate and learn.
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