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The Pathway program is a program for young adults ages 18-21 with special needs, who need assistance and support while pursuing transition goals and objectives. It is a community-based program emphasizing work experience and living skills. These services are provided by Independent School District 196.Pathway services help students achieve their goals and objectives by providing specialized education, training, and support in the areas of transition.Using an IEP (Individualized Education Program) team process, students receive services based on individual need in the transition areas.

These choices may include:

Jobs and Training
Job/career exploration * Vocational Skills * Work Experience

Recreation and Leisure
Participate in and attend events * Explore hobbies * Discover entertainment options

Community Participation
ShoppingSocial Skills * Community outings * Awareness of community education programs (i.e. Project Explore)

Home Living
Household tasks * Home safety * Personal care * Food preparation

Who is eligible?

Students are eligible for the Pathway program if they are currently receiving special education services. The IEP team will determine what continued support and transition services are needed to meet their goals and objectives in transitioning to adulthood.

To participate in the program, the student must:

Be within ages of 18-21.

Have received prior special education services.

Continue to have unmet IEP transition goals and objectives.

Will receive diploma during the year they turn 21.

What services are available to students?

Work experience * Vocational exploration * Community exposure/awareness * Recreational/leisure opportunities * Daily home living experiences * Specialists * Speech/Language * Physical Therapy
* Occupational Therapy * Work Experience * Assessments * Vocational * Health Screening * Functional Skills * Academic * Communication * Support Services * Division of Rehabilitative Services * Dakota County Social Services * Adult Service Providers



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