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Wireless Access at RMS

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Rosemount Middle School (RMS) grants its students and staff the privilege of using personal mobile devices (laptops, tablets, etc.) of their choosing to complete tasks of an academic or task-related nature at the discretion of supervising teachers and staff. All wireless access is ultimately up to the individual teacher or staff member that supervises that area.

The RMS campus utilizes four wireless permission zones. Each of the zones defined below are under the direct supervision and authority of the responsible teacher or staff member.

Red - This zone prohibited the use of all devices. Students should not bring devices into red zones. Devices should be secured in the student's locker.
Yellow - This zone may allow student use of a device based on direct permission being granted by the supervising teacher or staff member. Permission is required for each instance of usage. In other words, students should ask permission to use their devices in these zones each time while the area in labeled yellow.
Blue - These zones are typically in areas such as common spaces (IMC, multi-purpose area, waiting areas, etc.). Students should check in with the appropriate teacher or staff member for zone status.
Green - These zones are open access for student use of a device. Supervisor check-in is not required.

Please review the policy and guidelines in the document below. This document describes, in detail, how a student gains and maintains access to and is supervised while utilizing RMS's wireless network. The attached eAccess policy can be reviewed above..

Without a parental acknowledge for eAccess on file in SchoolView, personal device use within the RMS campus will not be permitted.

Download and review the document here.