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  • Sports Information

    District #196 Middle School athletic participation is available only to eligible 7th and 8th grade students, with the exception of Boys and Girls Cross Country and Boys Wrestling, where 6th graders are allowed to participate. All Sports registrations shall be completed via FeePay. The easiest way to access FeePay is through the Schoolview Portal and current physical must be on file with the school nurse in order to begin any sport registration in FeePay. Please submit Sports Physicals to the school nurse at least two days prior to registration. An athletic participation fee of $100.00 per athletic activity will be charged to all students. The FeePay portal registration window will open approximately two weeks prior to the season start date. Please refer to the FeePay Sports and Activity Registration Information for details and registration dates. If you have questions please feel free to contact RMS at 651-423-7570.


Winter Athletic Information

Winter Athletics consist of three seasons, Winter I, II, and III, allowing students to experience more than one sport throughout the winter months. Winter Sports at Rosemount Middle School are available to only 7th and 8th grade students, with the exception wrestling, where 6th graders are eligible to participate. The Winter seasons begins on October 28th. Coaches will host an athlete meeting on the first day of each season, if not before, and provide students with season information and practice schedules. All athletes should come with proper attire/equipment and prepared to practice on the first day of each Winter Season.

RMS Winter Athletics:
Winter I: October 28th - December 23rd
Wrestling Grades - 6th, 7th, and 8th grade
Girls Basketball - 7th and 8th grade

Winter II: January 3rd - February 24th
Boys Basketball - 7th and 8th grade

Winter III: February 27th - April 14th
Boys Swimming and Diving - 7th and 8th grade
Girls Swimming and Diving - 7th and 8th grade

Practices and Competitions

Middle School athletic practices are typically held from 3:00 to 5:00 Monday-Friday with the possibility of some morning practices from 6:30am to 7:45am. Athletes can expect one to two competitions/games each week after the first week or two of practice. Games will typically last until 5:00 or 6:00pm, depending on the sport and where it is being played.

Winter game/match schedules are tentative until one week after the season begins and student participation and team formations are compete.

Transportation from RMS following practices is not available in District 196, therefore athletes should be picked-up promptly at 5:00pm. (Note: Students will not be under school supervision past 5:15pm.)

Winter Head Coach and Contact:

Winter I
Wrestling.................................................Chuck Hartwig
Girls Basketball..........................................Jamie Strey

Winter II
Boys Basketball Grade 7..............................Tim Hoernke
Boys Basketball Grade 8..............................Scott Peters

Winter III
Girls Swimming and Diving...........................Tami Carlson
Boys Swimming and Diving...........................Nate Ilse


Registration Requirements:
1. Current Physical on file at RMS.
2. Sports Registration via FeePay.
3. Fee: $100.00 (payable on FeePay).

For registration and Feepay questions, contact Holly Freiderich at RMS. (651) 423-7570.

If you have any questions about events, contact the coach or Brad Schafer (RMS Athletic Director) at (651) 423-7573.

Eligibility: Students must be in attendance a minimal of three periods on the day of an activity to be eligible to participate in that activity. Any student assigned ISS or OSS (in or out of school suspension) will not participate in their after school activity on that day. Students are expected to be passing current classes in order to participate in fine arts or co-curricular activities.

Drugs, tobacco and/or alcohol - Guidelines of the Minnesota State High School League will be followed.

Directions to the Schools and Fields

Black Hawk Middle School
Dakota Hills Middle School
Falcon Ridge Middle School
Rosemount Middle School
Scott Highlands Middle School
Valley Middle School

District School Locater Map


Boeckman Middle School, Farmington
From Rosemount, travel south on Hwy 3 to Dakota County 50/W Elm St. Turn right on Dakota County 50/w Elm St. Travel 1 mile and turn left on Denmark Ave. Go .5 miles to 800 Denmark Avenue.

Dodge Middle School, Farmington
From Rosemount, travel south on Hwy 3 to Dakota County 50/W Elm St. Turn right on Dakota County 50/w Elm St. Travel 1 mile and turn right on Aikin Rd. Go .5 miles to 208th St. Turn right on 208th St. to Dodge Middle School, 4200 208th Street West.

Rahn Fields are located on Nichols Road north of Cliff and south of Diffley.

Northview Elementary is off of Diffley just west of the Dakota Hills and Eagan High School entrance. There are 3 Soccer fields located here. North field, South field, and a Lower field (next no DHMS track and baseball fields). 

Northview Park (just north as the crow flies from Northview Elementary) is accessed from Lexington Road north of Diffley, turn right at Northview Park Road.

Ohmann Field - from Cliff and Pilot Knob - south on Pilot Knob two blocks to Pebble Beach. East two blocks to the park.

Mueller is on Johnny Cake one block north of 140th Street West.

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(Sept. 9 - Oct. 23) Winter I
(Oct. 26 - Dec. 18) Winter II
(Jan. 4 - Feb. 26) Winter III
(Feb. 29 - April 15)
  • Boys Swimming and Diving ()
  • Girls Swimming and Diving ()
(April 18 - June 3)
  • Boys Track and Field ()
  • Girls Track and Field ()
  • Boys Tennis()
Sports available via Rosemount High School for 7th - 12th grade students
  • Girls Hockey
  • Boys & Girls Alpine Skiing
  • Boys & Girls Nordic Skiing
  • Girls Gymnastics
  • Girls Softball
Adapted Sports (Dakota United)
  • Floor Hockey
  • Softball