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RHS Recycling Program

"Enhanced School Recycling and Organics Program" grant from Dakota County

The RHS Green Team is currently seeking adult volunteers to help encourage
proper use of our recycling and composting barrels in the lunchroom.

RHS Recycling Grant

The time commitment would be 11:15 to 12:30 p.m.
Volunteer for one day or several, all help is appreciated!
Please contact Veda Kanitz at veda.kanitz@district196.org if you are available to help.

Thank you!

Rosemount High School is excited it has received a special grant from Dakota County that allows us to reduce our waste stream through enhanced recycling and organics collection. The grant provided the school with new classroom, hallway, and lunchroom containers for recycling, organics and trash as well as signage, technical support, and promotional materials. The school is working closely with the Dakota County Environmental Resource Department. Dakota County has helped other suburban schools such as Lakeville and Burnsville High Schools successfully implement similar programs that can save money, conserve resources, and reduce waste going to landfills by over 50%.

The new program began on January 5, 2015 and is very similar to recycling and composting at home! Parents, please talk to your kids about this program and encourage them to participate. It takes only a few seconds to drop waste in the proper bin and make a difference.

Let's show our Irish Pride and do our part to save energy, save resources and save the district money with this new program!

RHS Recycling

How to Sort - Liquids, Recycle, Organics, Trash