3rd Grade

"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

- Pablo Picasso

Third-GradeDaily Schedule
9:10-9:25Bell rings
9:25-9:35Morning Work and Announcements
9:35-10:10Morning Meeting & Math Number Corner
10:10-10:40Math Lesson
10:40-11:10Math Guided Practice
11:10-11:25Math Share and/or Cursive Handwriting
12:15-12:45Word Study
12:45-1:35Recess/Lunch (Murphy and Eckhoff)
12:45-1:35Recess/Lunch (Ritzer and Hyster)
12:55-1:45Recess/Lunch (Hanson)
1:45-2:10Interactive Read Aloud & Reading Mini Lesson
2:10-2:40Independent Reading & Guided Practice
2:40-2:50Reading Share
2:50-3:05Writing Mini Lesson
3:05-3:25Independent Writing and Writing Guided Practice
3:25-3:35Writing Share
3:35-3:45End of day routines

Jill Hyster, Anne Eckhoff, Trica Ritzer, Jamie Murphy, and Ana Hanson.