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For our District's Stated Definition of Gifted and Talented program, Beliefs, and Goals see District Site


Students in grades K-5 may be seen for an enrichment unit based on results of testing, student work in the subject area, and teacher recommendation. Placement in enrichment units are done on a case by case and subject by subject basis. Some students will be seen for one Trimester while others are seen for multiple time periods based on student strengths.

Gifted Program:

Students in Grades 3-5 may qualify for the GT program based on results of a Cognitive test and teacher recommendation. The MAP test results may be used to offer additional evidence if the other results are close. Typically students in grades K-2 do not yet have the evidence to qualify for the GT program.

Levels of Service please see District Elementary Pdf

Homework Help:
The link above will take you to a web site where you can view the assignments, see a calendar, and access handouts if you have lost them for all students seeing Mr. Boyd.

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Summer Math Olympiad:

Math Olympiads 36-45

Summer Math Olympiad Hints 36-45

Parents Only!

Summer Math Olympiad Solutions 36-45


Inventors Fair!

The Rosemount Elementary Fourth and Fifth graders who are interested will be involved in a School (on January 4-5) and District Inventor's Fair on January 14th at Eagan High School. See Mr. Boyd for information beginning in the end October. Deadline for applications is December 9th. See our special wiki for information, help and access to handouts given for the inventors fair. Inventor's Fair Wiki

Math Enrichments!!

Math Olympiad

Students in the 4th and 5th grade high math groups have the opportunity of participating in the program. We have continued offering the Math Olympiad program to these two groups of students for two days in each cycle. The Math Olympiad program is an effort to challenge students and help them learn how to solve problems better. Students in the program learn strategies and concepts and take a monthly test that program members across the world take as well from October-March.

Math Olympiad Hints!


In an effort to provide our highest achieving math students with the opportunity to delve deeper into mathematical concepts and move at a slightly quicker pace, we have developed a class to meet their needs. This year, teachers in grades 3-5 will be teaching a new and challenging math curriculum called M3. See the Project M3 website for additional information.

The following criteria were used to determine which students qualified to participate in M3 math class:

  • Grade Level Assessments
  • MAP Test Score
  • CogNat Test Score (grades 4-5)
  • MCA Test Score (grades 4-5)

Other programs Available

The U of MN Institute of Technology Center for Educational Programs (ITCEP), sponsor of UMTYMP (University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program), offers Saturday morning Mathematics Enrichment Programs for students in grades 3-12.
Has opportunities for students:
Saturday Morning Mathematics Enrichment Programs
(Limited openings still available, prorated fees begin in January)
AIME (gr 3/4)
M-FACTs (gr 4/5)
PRIME (gr 5/6)

You can visit their website for specific program details at

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