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Oak Ridge Speech Instructors

Cyndie Swenson

651-683-6969 ext.

Susan Hart

651-683-6969 ext. 93639


Oak Ridge has two Speech/Language Pathologists who are part of the Special Education Child Study Team. They provide speech/language services to students who have been evaluated and diagnosed with communication impairments in one or more of the following areas:

difficulty in comprehending language and expressing thoughts and ideas

Articulation: impairment in the production of speech sounds

Voice: inappropriate quality or pitch of voice

Fluency (stuttering): impairment in the fluency of speech (repetitions of sounds, words, or phrases, or "blocks" in speech production)

A student's communication skills may affect his/her performance in the classroom. The Speech/Language Pathologists strive to improve the speech/language skills of those students identified with a communication impairment, to facilitate their academic and social development.

Please feel free to contact any Speech Pathologist at Oak Ridge with any questionsregarding your child's speech and language skills.


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