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Welcome to the Oak Ridge Media Center, usually called the library or IMC.  IMC stands for Instructional Media Center, reflecting all the media beyond books that we have for our students.   All students come on a regularly scheduled basis with their classroom for lessons on inquiry and research skills plus checking out books each cycle period.
Kindergartners have library twice a cycle period. One of the days is for listening to a story and checking out books and the other day is a computer skills day. We learn computer mouse skills, keyboarding skills and find websites to help us with reading and math.

First graders come twice each cycle period and they also have a library day and a computer day. We learn about fiction and non-fiction books, authors and illustrators, parts of a book during the library day. On computer days we build on our keyboarding and word processing skills, find web sites that help with reading and math as well as web sites that have great information for research.

Second graders also come twice each cycle period, once for library skills and the other for computer skills. We continue to build on skills previously learned and they learn more about research and media skills, books, authors, illustrators, parts of a book and a story, and award winning books.

Third, fourth and fifth graders come for 50 minute class times once each cycle period.  They learn how to use the computer card catalog, how to find the books in the media center, and how to use reference materials.  We introduce them to the online databases we subscribe to and they learn about online safety, copyright issues, checking the validity of a resource and advertisements. They love reading the Maud Hart Lovelace nominees each year and voting for their favorite book. 

It is our pleasure to see each student in the IMC each week and every year that they are here at Oak Ridge.  We love seeing them grow from a kindergartner to a fifth grader and we hope we inspire them to love reading books!!

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