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Language Arts:
Have some fun in the coming months! Special family times can be reading times. Let children see you enjoy reading. Books are good, but don't forget:
# newspapers
# comics
# advertisements
# mail
# recipes
# magazines
# menus
# labels
# cereal boxes
# signs

We are using Lucy Calkin's Writing Workshop this year. Remember to praise your little writers rather than spelling for them. Along with the reading, remember the writing. Add some pizazz to your handiwork by using a variety of tools such as markers, paint, shaving cream, sidewalk chalk and pudding. If you can read it, you can write it!
# notes (I love you!, thank you, reminders)
# grocery lists
# chores
# invitations
# letters
# label your toy boxes
# write your name!!

Our writing center is open for business! The kindergarten writers have been busily creating masterpieces. Be on the look-out for class books and individual books to be shared at home.

Parent/Child Learning Activities:
1. Say your phone number and address.
2. Count the doors in your home.
3. Find 10 red things in your house.
4. Play some music and dance together.
5. Learn some nursery rhymes.
6. Go for a walk together. What do you see?
7. Fold the laundry together.
8. Read a book together. Talk about it.
9. Find a picture in a book. Make up a story about it.
10. Practice hopping, skipping, jumping and galloping.
11. Have an at-home fire drill.
12. Find some circles, squares, rectangles and triangles in your house.
13. Get a free library card at any Dakota County Library and get involved.


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