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About Oak Ridge Elementary

Oak Ridge Elementary School was built in 1991 on an 18 acre tract of land in Eagan, Minnesota. Approximately half of the site is dedicated to a jointly owned City of Eagan/District 196 park called Downing Park. Oak Ridge students regularly use the park's large, grassy playground and outdoor play equipment for physical education and free-play activities. Oak Ridge is bordered by single family homes, townhomes, and a wooded parkway. The parkway includes a walking path and it is a natural habitat for a variety of birds and animals.

Each of Oak Ridge's 30 classrooms is designed to provide the instructional space and versatility of an open classroom, yet each maintains the privacy of a traditional classroom. Oak Ridge classrooms are designed with one open wall. This limited openness creates a climate that encourages students and staff to make better use of all the resources in the school, it encourages open communication, and it promotes a sharing relationship between staff, students, and visitors to our school. The Oak Ridge two level school is the education center for nearly 630 students.


Oak Ridge has an ongoing goal which is to provide instruction in the area of literacy (reading, writing, speaking) that will increase each child's skills and interests to their maximum potential. To accomplish its goal, Oak Ridge uses the district's curriculum, which uses a balanced approach to teaching skills while providing opportunity to apply those skills through the use of good literature and through writing experiences.

Oak Ridge's mathematics program emphasizes problem solving, estimation, and mental math. Students are taught basic computational skills and at the same time are presented with problem solving strategies designed to simulate real-life mathematical experiences. Although memorization of facts is a continual emphasis in helping children develop computational skills, problem solving is the key to why computational skills are needed.


The Oak Ridge Elementary School staff is committed to providing an educational environment in which all students learn, and one that fosters a love and excitement for learning in our ever-changing world. The warm and neighborly atmosphere is apparent from the moment one walks into Oak Ridge School. Our office staff is sure to welcome you, and assist in any way they can. Throughout the building, parents, staff, and students work together forming a harmonious community.



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