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Highland holds several fundraisers which help support the effort to bring artists into the school. This ongoing project is dependent upon grant funds and money earned through fundraising. The program provides students with a hands-on experience in various arts areas. A professional working artist teaches each experience from theater, dance, visual arts, music, language arts, native cultures or the folk arts areas. This program gives students a real-life connection to various art forms through opportunities to participate and work directly with an artist.

Christopher Yaeger takes the kindergarten kids on a folk dance adventure! They learn dances from Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, and the United States. They sharpen their theatre skills by exploring three-syllable words like audience, performer, pantomime, and improvise.
1st Grade
Stina Fagertun has coastal Sami and Kven (Finnish) ancestry and comes from the fiords of Arctic Norway. Stina will tell stories and share music and dance of the arctic people, including the Sami, the only indigenous people of Scandinavia.


2nd Grade
T. Mychael Rambo provides a combination of creative dramatics and improvisational theater. The blending of these techniques engages the whole individual, building trust, self-esteem, self-confidence, risk taking, and creative problem solving. This process of community building encourages studentsto translate their voices and imaginations into creative instruments for change in their own lives and the lives of others.
Art in Residence Rambo
3rd Grade
Ross Sutter will come to third grade to engage students in the physics of sound as they integrate music and science while making their own whistles.


Art in Residence Sutter
4th Grade
Ross Sutter works with forth graders to build their own dulcimers. This is part of the investigation of physics and sound integrated with music making.


5th Grade
Julie Boada, an Ojibwe artist, works with fifth graders to create sculptures from cereal boxes to represent animals from Minnesota biomes. This supports science objectives while integrating nature and art.





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