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Highland children practice keyboarding skills by using Type to Learn 4. Please encourage your child to practice at home, too! To download Type to Learn on your home computer just follow these directions!




Online Keyboarding Practice sites Kidspiration samples and templates
Comic Life Resources Technology Moodle Site

Interactive Technology

interactiveCurricula are delivered interactively in each classroom. All K-5 classrooms are equipped with a SMART Board, a mounted LCD projector, and a document camera. The visualizations that these technologies provide reinforce and give meaning to textual explanations. We appreciate the support of the site council's fundraising efforts to reach this goal of making all classrooms interactive.

Computer Labs

All students at Highland Elementary have the opportunity to develop their computer skills in the areas of word processing, language arts, math, graphic arts, internet research, music, database design, creative presentation and keyboarding.

We have two fully operational labs available: "Lab 5" has 31 total 20" flat screen educational iMacs, "Library Lab" has 31 total 21 1/2" flat screen educational iMacs accompanied with 8 Mac search stations. The computer labs are scheduled to be used regularly by our classroom teachers during our 4 day cycle rotation. We also have a set of MacBooks available for student check-out to use in the classroom to finish up projects .


Lab 5- 20" LCD educational iMacs

Library Lab- 21 1/2" flat screen educational iMacs



Highland Elementary students occasionally use the internet for research projects and curriculum enrichment. A permission form to use the internet (signed by parent or guardian) is required for every student, as per District 196 policy. All internet access in the district is flltered through software designed to help block potential access to inappropriate websites. In addition, websites are always thoroughly previewed by the teacher before they are given to students in the lab.


Searching the Web: Use these Kid-friendly search engines

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