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Gifted & Talented, Explore, & Young Scholars

Summer Opportunities:

Nature's Engineers Day Camp 2016 is being offered to Gifted and Talented/Young Scholar students currently in grades 1,2,3 and 4. Camp is held at Cedar Park STEM Elementary from June 20-24. Day Camp is 5 full days (9:00-3:30) of enriching student activities based around the themes of science and nature.

Camp Invention programs encourage curious minds to explore, create and invent.The GTI Institute provides opportunities for students to be challenged academically and grow through enrichment and specialized classes.

The Gifted & Talented Institute enhances students’ gifts and talents by: 
• Complementing and enriching school curriculum. 
• Challenging learners through a variety of courses.  
• Creating a partnership among school districts. 

Gifted and Talented Program (GT)

District 196 believes that identifying giftedness is a complex and multi-faceted process that requires multiple sources of information in the decision process. Identification takes place at the elementary level (K-5) with students being nominated for participation in gifted services by teachers and parents.

Information gathered takes a comprehensive view of students' gifts and talents. Data used includes standardized tests of cognition and achievement, teacher observations, student grades and work samples. Additionally, information about the student outside of the school setting is also factored into placement decisions. This information is gathered in the form of parent questionnaires which gifted and talented specialists send home with student candidates.

A team of district gifted and talented specialists work together to analyze student information and suggest the appropriate level of service for the student. Families are notified of the team's decision. While identification can happen at any time during the school year, most identification will take place in the spring of the year after the results of standardized tests have been received. The goal of the identification process is to provide each student candidate the services that best serve the whole child.

For more information about identification, see the gifted and talented specialist at your school or see the FAQ section of the district gifted and talented website.

Middle School Gifted and Talented Services Brochure
Highland offers enrichment activities to high performing students not formally identified for the gifted and talented program. These flexible groups focus on student's individual strengths and intrests that enable them to go beyond the basic curriculum. Classroom teachers recommend students to participate in the enrichment group, Explore. This service can be in the form of pullout instruction or inclusion when the Explore teacher co-teaches with the classroom teacher.
Young Scholars Program (YS)

Young Scholars (YS) program is an academic program designed for students with high potential who are not likely to be identified for gifted programs using traditional methods of identification. It is funded by state integration dollars and is available in all District 196 elementaries. The program includes whole class thinking skills lessons at the beginning of the year in grades K-3. Utilizing student performance information from these classes as well as other school data, teachers collaborate to identify students for the YS program. These students are supported to develop their potential as creative and critical thinkers, with the goal being their pursuit of advanced coursework in middle and high school.

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