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Highland Elementary is also home to an Early Childhood Special Education Program. This program services 4-year old children with a noncategorical placement of special education services. The children may have needs in any of 7 areas of development (academic, fine motor, gross motor, expressive language, receptive language, social, and/or self-help skills).The children's needs are met in an integrated preschool setting five half days per week. Two days are in a small group setting. Three days are in an integrated preschool setting. Speech/Language and Occupational Therapy services are provided within the classroom setting. If a child has concerns just in the area of articulation, voice, or fluency (stuttering), services can be provided in a small group setting by an Educational Speech/Language Pathologist.

If anyone has concerns about the development of a preschooler, please call (952)388-1900 for an assessment.

We welcome messages and communication with parents/guardians!
The number to reach our voicemail system is (651)683-6969.
Our individual voicemail numbers are listed below.

4 year old classroom
Vicky Cole: ECSE teacher VM 95403
Donna Parsons: classroom assistant
Trudy Dahl: SP/L VM 94622
Nicole Lindstrom: OT VM 81909


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