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Kindergarten is one of the most important and exciting years of your child’s school career.  It is a year full of opportunities for you and your child’s teacher to work together in your child’s growth - socially and academically!

8:25 AM-10:55 AM
12:10 PM-2:40 PM
8:25 AM-2:40 PM

**  Do not drop children off before 8:15 AM for AM kindergarten and K+ or 12:10 PM for PM kindergarten.  There may not be supervision in the classroom before these times.

FIRST DAY OF CLASS - We are looking forward to meeting you and your child on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 (at 9 am for K+ and half-day AM classes; at noon for half-day PM classes)! On that day, all kindergarten children and their parents are invited to a short orientation meeting followed by time to meet your teacher, tour your room, and tour the school. Please have your child come in to school without you on the second class day.  There are fewer tears if Mom and Dad stay at home.  It is also important for your child to get used to where she/he meets the bus, his/her route to school, and how she/he gets to the classroom.  Instructional clerks will be available in the bus and drop off areas to help children find their classrooms for the first several weeks.

BUS TAGS - Pin or tie the bus tag to your child’s school bag.  This should eliminate any confusion, lost children and hopefully, a few tears.  Bus number (going home), name and address should be printed clearly with a permanent pen.  If your child goes to daycare, this is the address that you will put on the tag.  These should be kept on your child’s bag all year.
WALKER TAG - Please indicate if your child is a WALKER on the tag. Walkers will have patrols to accompany them. At dismissal time (10:55 AM or 2:40 PM), the walkers will be taken out the library doors on the west side of the school and be crossed at 142nd Street. If you meet your child en route, the best location would be at this crosswalk. Please do not take your child from the walker group until they reach this point.

PARENT PICK UP - If you are providing transportation for your child each day, write “Pick Up” on your child’s tag.
*Morning children will have a student patrol wait with them at the kindergarten door until you arrive.  Dismissal time is 10:55 AM. If you are late in picking up your child, the patrol will bring your child to the office and you can pick them up there. It is very important to be prompt.

*Afternoon and K+ children that are picked up will be dismissed with students in grades 1-5 through the main entrance.  We attempt to dismiss a few minutes before other grades.  (2:35 PM)
SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS - If at any time during the year a change in transportation is requested, such as picking up your child instead of your child taking the bus or walking, you must send a note notifying your child’s teacher of this change.  If it is not possible to send a note, call the main office with this information.  Do not leave this information on a voice mail recording.  This procedure is school policy.
If you wish to pick your child up,  you must sign the register at the office and your child will be called down to the office to meet you there.  Please do not come down to you child’s classroom without checking in the office first.  We follow these procedures to ensure the safety of your children.  If your child is picked up on a regular basis, it is not necessary to come in and sign them out.  Please remember to pull up or park in the south parking lot (not the bus pick-up area).  
Children that go to daycare on an irregular basis will need to bring a schedule for the teacher to follow.  Make sure that you list the day care provider’s address and phone number on the Kindergarten Information Sheet which you will fill out today.
BUS STOPS - We will be stressing safety and courtesy in school, on the bus and on the street.  If you live near a bus stop, we would appreciate your stopping and overseeing a bit to help us establish good behavior habits now that will pay off later.
FRIDAY FOLDERS - In order to better communicate between home and school, we will be sending a Friday folder each week.  This folder will contain community information, school news, and various newsletters.   These folders should be emptied over the weekend and sent back to school every Monday. 
PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Kindergarten students are scheduled for P.E. on an irregular basis.  Please check your monthly calendar for these days.  Your child must have non-marking, rubber soled shoes to participate in P.E.
SHOW AND TELL - Your child may share a special item from home with the class during show and tell.  We encourage the children to tell things about their item to the rest of the class.  Some children may need practice with this skill.  At times, we will ask the children to bring things that are related to our curriculum.  Refer to your monthly calendar to find these special days.  It is important that your child bring only one thing at a time for sharing.  Please do not send items of value, pets, mechanical toys, or toy weapons of any kind.  
LIBRARY - All kindergartners will be going to our library for story time and book checkout approximately once every five school days.  Refer to your monthly calendar for these days.  Please help your child remember their book on library day.
**As kindergarten teachers, we would like to stress the importance of checking your child’s calendar every day.  We know how busy family life is but would like you, as parents, to realize how disappointed your children are when they’ve forgotten their library book, show and tell time, or don’t have tennis shoes for P.E.  Everyone forgets once in awhile, but if things are left behind often, it interferes with your child’s participation.  We recommend that you empty your child’s backpack daily.  It may help to get your child’s things ready the night before.  If your child attends daycare, it might be helpful to have a separate bag to keep school things in.

MILK – Every Friday, half day students are offered an 8 oz. serving of white (2%, skim), or chocolate milk. Fruit juice is available for students who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk. Students must bring in a note from their parents if lactose intolerant. K+ children will have a snack break and are offered milk every afternoon. This milk is available at no charge.
BIRTHDAYS - Children may not bring food or small gifts such as pencils or stickers to share with other students. The primary reason for this change from the past practice is to comply with our district’s wellness policy on making healthy choices as requested by Section 204 of the Child, Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004. The change also addresses increasing concerns about students affected by food allergies, childhood obesity and economic disparities.

If your child’s birthday is on a weekend or during a vacation, we will celebrate it on a day as close as possible.  If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate their 1/2 birthday.  Please refer to the monthly calendar for these dates.
We want to share with you a health concern for kids at Highland.  We have several students who have a
SEVERE ALLERGY TO PEANUTS.  We are working with parents to ensure a positive and safe school environment.  Any exposure to peanuts could result in a very serious medical emergency for these students.
There is an increasing awareness of allergic reaction to peanuts throughout the country as well as in our schools.  Though children will often outgrow other allergies such as milk, eggs or wheat, peanut allergies are considered to be life-long and peanuts can cause allergic reactions that are among the most severe of any food.  Among those students who are allergic, the severity of the reaction varies.  Several students at Highland are highly allergic, with life-threatening reactions. Because it is extremely important to avoid accidental ingestion or exposure, we are asking that parents carefully read food labels on the package of any food sent to school for snacks Peanuts can be concealed in a number of foods including “fake” nuts, baked goods and candy.  The term “HYDROLYZED VEGETABLE PROTEIN” OR “HYDROLYZED PLANT PROTEIN” on food labels indicates peanuts may be an ingredient.  Please DO NOT send snacks or treats that have this on the label.

Since many of the areas of the building are shared by all students, we ask that you take an extra minute or two to be sure your child’s hands and face are washed before coming to school, especially if he/she has just eaten peanut butter or a peanut butter product.  If your child attends a daycare before school, please advise them of this important concern as well.  Thanks for your assistance in this important matter.
PARTIES - We will have three parties during the school year:  Fall Festival, Holiday and Valentine.  Parents will be asked to help prepare and plan these parties.  If you are interested in being a contact person or party volunteer, sign up in your child’s classroom today.  Please turn in your $4.00 party contribution today.
BOOK CLUBS - During the first week of school you will receive your first book club order form. A different order form will be sent home each month with your newsletters or calendar. The purchase of these items is optional. Book clubs provide you with an inexpensive way to build a home library for your children.  You can order children’s literature and computer software from these companies. When placing an order, please send the order form and payment (checks made payable to specific book club) in an envelope.  It is important to label the envelope and order form with your child’s name.
HEALTH RECORDS - Must be in the nurse’s office by the first day of school.  Please give all information concerning your child’s health problems to the school nurse and your child’s teacher.
CLOTHING - Please have your child dressed appropriately for the weather.  Your child should be able to dress him/herself and be attempting to tie his/her shoes.  Some zippers/closures are very difficult to operate.  You might want to keep this in mind when purchasing clothing. 
VISITATION - Come and visit us during any part of the year - you are welcome!  Please schedule a time with your child’s teacher if you’d like to visit.  However, visiting is discouraged the first and last week of school.  These are very busy times for us.  Preschool children are not permitted to visit.  *Reminder - you must check in at the office and get a visitor name tag before entering the instructional areas at any time.

CONFERENCES AND REPORT CARDS - District 196 schedules two parent-teacher conference periods during the school year. During the 2008-09 school year, the dates are October 10, 13-14 and Jan. 28-29 and sign up is available during open house night. Report cards are sent home in December, March and June.

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