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MCA tutorial

MCA item samplers


General Skills
Google Apps
Skill Builders Link
--Wonderful links to all sorts of math, language arts, and science websites.
Texas Education Interactive Online Tests--Great practice for taking reading, math and science tests by computer
All About Me Scavanger Hunt--Use the Internet to find some interesting things about yourself!
Luminosity Brain Games--Games specifically designed to increase your speed and memory for verbal and math fluency
ABCYa--Activities include addition, subtraction, percents, word clouds, keyboarding pracitce, identifying computer parts

IXL- Sign in to practice math at home or at school.
That Quiz- basic activities and fact practice; choose the level right for you
Sheppard Software- Scroll through the list to great engaging math games
Arcade Skill Builder Games- Fun single or multi-player multiplication drill games
Virtual Manipulatives - National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (interactive spinner)
Powerlines- challenging math game to solve addition powerlines
Powerlines2- challenging math game to solve addition powerlines
Powerlines3- challenging math game to solve addition powerlines
A Plus Math - has a game room, flashcards, homework helper and flashcards
Fun Brain - has many different math games, organized by grade level and topic
Learn more about the different kinds of graphs and make your own
Practice fractions and mixed numbers
MAP Math Practice by RIT - has many different math games organized by RIT level and topic
Mathionaire- Just like "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" but all math questions
Interpret Line Graphs - answer some multiple choice questions to see if you a line graph ace


Plate Tectonics
Mixtures and Solutions
Producers, Consumers, Decomposers Game
Engineering Interact--fully interactive, engaging science activities for high-quality learning.


PBS Kids Design Squad
Virginia Children's Engineering Council
Construction Management
STEM Resources

Social Studies/History

Martin Luther King
"I Have a Dream" speech
History website with audio and video clips
Civil Rights History on the Net
List of Important Civil Rights Leaders

History Timeline at

Overall timeline

Overall Information

America’s Story (timeline with stories)

Native Americans-pre-European Contact

Wampanoag Indians

Early Settlements

Jamestown Simulation

Jamestown Settlement



French and Indian War
French and Indian War Timeline

Events leading up to the Revolutionary War
Boston Massacre Historical Society

Timeline and information on Acts and Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War
American Revolution Who’s Who

American History Military Timeline with information

Constitution and Bill of Rights
Destiny of the 56 signers of the Declaration


Dance Mat Typing


Music quizzes:

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