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Links to Sites Related to 2nd Grade Curriculum

Basic skills
ABCYa Home Page--Educational computer games for elementary students
ABCYa Second Grade--Educational computer games targeted for second grade
2nd Grade Skill Builders--Wonderful age-appropriate links for math, language arts and science.

Foss Web--This site provides activities which connect with our science units.
Sheppard Software Science--Review the Life Cycle of the butterfly

Math Playground --Math games, logic puzzles and problem solving activities
Toy Theatre
--Shapes, patterns, graphing, addition, subtraction, time, and direction.
Sheppard Software Math --Scroll through the list to find great engaging math games
BBC Bytesize Math
--Ad free basic math skills
Just In Time Quiz--Clock quizzes by either hour OR half hour OR min. intervals
Woodland Math Zone --Try the Number Skills, Shape and Space Skills activities.
Flip, Turns, and Slides --Can you figure out how the shape is moved?
Solid Figure Factory --Match the shape to its name
Symmetry Practice --Drag a line of symmetry onto a shape
Cash Out--Fun game to learn about money and making change
Venn Diagram Shape Sorter--Sort shapes by their characteristics
Cyberchase -- Wide variety of games from the popular PBS show.
Johnnie's Math Page -- Hundreds of links to math games organized by concept.
Pentominoes -- Drag and drop shapes onto a grid in this fun game.

Spelling City --Work on spelling using a variety of lists.
Sheppard Software Language Arts Games
-- Try out the Noun Explorer and Verbs in Space games

BBC Bytesize Literacy --Ad free basic literacy skills
Penguins on Ice--Work on your sentence completion, punctuation, and word choice skills
Almanac for Kids --Facts and fun!


Little D's Nutrition --Test your skills at these nutrition activities.

Favorite Authors
Kevin Henkes
Cythia Rylant
Jan Brett
Marc Brown Authors
Giggle Poetry
Helen Lester

Kid-Friendly Research

Pumpkin Carving Website --Create your own pumpkin design on this interactive website.


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