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Epic- If your teacher has an account, use your classroom code to access thousands of books and educational videos.

icon Starfall -Easy to use activities for basic reading and spelling. icon BBC Bytesize Literacy -Ad free literacy activities covering basic skills.
icon Read Between the Lions -Simple word games and stories to read from the PBS show. icon Arthur's Story Scrambler -Help Binky put the story in order.
icon ABCYa -Learn the alphabet, matching, categorizing, addition, and drawing. icon Dance Mat Typing Level 1 -Learn beginning typing skills.
icon HSP Math (Harcourt School) -Many grade level specific math skills covered icon Shark Numbers -Place value practice
icon BBC Bytesize Math -Ad free math skills. icon Odd or Even -Practice sorting odd and even numbers
icon Curious George Ordering -Easy to use game for sequencing 2-digit numbers. icon Ghost Blasters Even -Practice identifying even numbers
icon Count Hoot's Number Activity - Practice addition and subtraction number sentences. Three levels of difficulty. icon Ghost Blasters Odd -Practice identifying odd numbers
icon Memory Game-Match basic addition facts to discover the picture icon Doubles Archery 1 -Practice doubling numbers less than 10
icon Place Value Penguins - Develop place value with 2 or 3 digits numbers icon Doubles Archery 2 -Practice doubling numbers greater than 10
icon Toy Theatre Math -Activities for counting, shapes, patterns, graphing, addition, subtraction, and direction. icon Sheppard Software -Practice and play
with a variety of math topics
icon Lifeguard-Learn place value of tens and ones. Mathemorphosis -Student answer basic addition or subtraction facts to help a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.
Shark Pool -Place value practice 18
Johnnie's Math Page -- Hundreds of links to math games organized by concept.
Other Educational Links

Butterfly Life Cycle - Put the stages of butterfly development in the correct order.
Color, Draw, & Paint- Online paint, color, and drawing activity.
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