Title One Teachers


Title One : Greenleaf Elementary



Front Row: Mrs. Winkelman, Ms. Blasier, Mrs. O'Keefe, Ms. Jacobse

Back Row: Mr. Ceiley, Mrs. Bumpers, Mrs. Guebert





Title One is a federally funded program whose purpose is to improve achievement in the basic skills of reading and math and help students succeed in the regular classroom. Basic Skills is a similar support program but is state-funded. All Greenleaf Title One and Basic Skills teachers are certified teachers.

Students in kindergarten through grade five are eligible for these programs. Student selection is based on reading, writing and math assessments and teacher recommendations.

Students who qualify for these services receive additional instruction in reading or math. Some may receive help in both subjects. This service is either provided to a small group outside the classroom or to an individual student/small group in the regular classroom. Students do not miss special classes such as music, physical education, library, technology, or art. Most students will get Title One/Basic Skills instruction five days a week. Students are re-evaluated throughout the year and may exit service if adequate progress has been made.

Parents are an important part of the Title One/Basic Skills team and their involvement with their child's education can be a key to their success.

Parent Involvement Policy (Download)