Welcome to Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts and Science,

Glacier Hills is a school where educational dreams come true.  We offer a rigorous curriculum that focuses on creativity curiosity and innovation.  Our dedicated teachers are well-versed in best practices for all curricular areas. They excel in infusing arts and science into all curricular areas.  Language arts, mathematics, social studies and all other subject areas incorporate our arts and science theme when appropriate.  Our staff is filled with caring competent professionals who have one goal:  to help each child to reach their full potential.  Staff members have been extensively trained in Responsive Classroom and Restitution.  They are adept at creating respectful collaborative learning environments.

Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts and Science provides wonderful opportunities for students.   Our first class facility comes complete with a vocal music studio, art studio and a science lab.  These specialized spaces create opportunities that enrich and deepen the learning of our students.  But a school is much more than a physical façade.  Field studies related to arts and science themes abound at Glacier Hills School of Arts and Science.  We are also blessed to have a myriad of professionals who share their gifts and talents with us through a variety of residencies.  These poets, thespians, sculptors, dancers, painters and scientists enrich the lives of our students.

I am very proud of the work done at Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts and Science every day.  The vibrant smiles of our students remind us the importance that teachers have in the lives of children.  Please schedule a visit to our school and see what all the excitement is about.


Scott Thomas