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star How Do Counselors Help?

Counselors meet with students for individual and group counseling.
Counselors help promote academic achievement and social growth.
Counselors provide guidance curriculum in the classroom to enhance the learning process.
Counselors help students establish personal growth and develop future career paths.

star How Do Counselors Help Parents?

Counselors help parents respond to the challenges of raising adolescents by providing information and support services.
Counselors collaborate with parents and staff to address student needs.
Counselors assist parents with interpreting assessment results.
Counselors connect families to community resources.

star How Are Students Referred?

Students can make an appointment with their counselor directly.
Students, parents and teachers can fill out a referral form and drop it off in the counselors confidential drop box in front of the the counselors offices.
Parents can call or email the counselors to request a meeting with their child.