Tuesday, July 25, 2017

In the planning stages of Eastview High School, community members came together to describe a learning environment that would one day form the foundation of the new school. They mentioned words like:

Teamwork & Collaboration
Shared Responsibility within our Learning Community
Achieve High Expectations
Responsive to Individual Needs
Sportsmanship & Spirit
Embrace Challenges
Talented, Caring and Supportive Staff
Commitment to Learning
Strong Work Ethic
Flexibility & Balance
Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum
Global Awareness
Effective & Efficient Communication
Lifetime Learning
Technology for the 21st Century
Build Meaningful Relationships
Engaged Learners
Continuous Improvement
Safe, Positive and Orderly Learning Environment
Positive Leadership
Inclusive Community

These words together affectionately became known as the puzzle pieces.

To view these puzzle pieces in graphic form, click here.

To view the original puzzle pieces as a flash movie file, click here. You must have Adobe Flash Player to view this file.



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