Opportunities to grow at Deerwood:

Extended Day Classes
Extended Day is offered after school and is financially supported by the State of Minnesota to increase achievement for students who qualify for additional academic support through targeted services. Extended Day classes are led by Deerwood teachers with the specific goal of helping students reach their full potential.

Math Club: Math Olympiad
Math Problem solving contests for teams of up to 25 students in grades 4 and 5.

What are the goals of Math Olympiad?
Math is COOL and our goal is to stimulate enthusiasm for problem solving. As students meet the challenges in our competitions, creativity and strategies for problem solving will surely grow.

Who runs the Math Club?
Mr. Taylor and Ms. Howell lead the Olympiad team.

When does Math Club meet and who can participate?
Math Olympiad meets Mondays after school from 2:45-3:30 December through February. Interested students will be invited to take a qualifying exam in October of each school year.


Student Council
Each year Deerwood students in grades 3-5 elect representatives to serve on our school's Student Council. Each representative is responsible to provide information and gain feedback from classrooms in grades k-2 as well as their own.

School Store
Deerwood's school store is open to the students every Monday and Wednesday morning before school. School supplies consisting of pencils, pens, paper, erasers, markers and novelty items are available for sale to the students. The school store is managed by the Student Council.