The Reading Recovery program provides daily individualized reading and writing instruction for students identified(*) as needing this intensive support. This is only a first grade support program and is designed to be a short term intervention for students. The program's goal is to accelerate students' reading and writing growth within 12-20 weeks to reach the average levels of their classes. After this time, students who are able to be successful working independently in their classrooms no longer need any support. If it is determined that some students will need more ongoing support to be successful, they will transition to another program which will provide this needed support for them.

The daily 30 minute Reading Recovery lessons are taught by specially trained Reading Recovery teachers. Each lesson focus is designed and carried out with the individual student in mind. Every Reading Recovery lesson, however, consists of the same structure and format. The parts of each 30 minute lesson are:

Each night the student takes a familiar book home to read, along with the cut-up sentence from the lesson, to reassemble. Daily home support is essential. Parents are also encouraged to observe a lesson. Through observing a lesson, parents are able to see how all the parts of a lesson work and tie in together to support new learning for their child.

For more information about this program or to find out more specific information about each of the lesson components and their significance please contact the Diamond Path office.

(*)Early student assessment and District 196 guidelines for qualifying scores identify students who are eligible for this support program.