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Mark Rode - Art Specialist

Art is a very important part of the curriculum at Diamond Path Elementary School of International Studies. The art curriculum includes an exploration of ideas and art concepts with an emphasis on the art elements and principles of design. The history of art will be explored and integrated into many lessons, focusing on how art is a reflection of culture.

The presentation of the art curriculum will draw from many resources such as original art, reproductions, slides, books, stories and films. The artwork will include the work of many artists and cultures from very ancient and primitive to quite contemporary, always exploring and wondering why artists create art, how the art was created and where ideas and inspirations come from. A wide range of materials and processes will be explored in the art classroom with a mixture of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects.

The arts are unique among academic subjects. They involve the whole student, integrating the head, the heart and the hands. They expand and refine students' imaginations, while developing their creative thinking skills. The arts take young people beyond casual observation and help them to truly see the world. For many students, the arts offer new pathways of learning.

Paper Making at Diamond Path
(all about our "Birds from Around the World Sculpture")

Birds from our "Birds from Around the World"
sculpture. (Across from the office at DP.)
The full sculpture is over 20 feet wide!

Paper artist Tom Grade came from Appleton, Wisconsin, to do a weeklong artist-in-residence program. The art room at Diamond Path was transformed into a papermaking studio. Every student from kindergarten to fifth grade was able to learn the fundamentals of papermaking and make a piece of handmade paper. Mr. Grade presented an historical context for the type of papermaking he did with the students. He talked about the invention of paper in China and its introduction throughout the world.

This residency culminated in the creation of a paper sculpture representing "Birds from Around the World." Diamond Path students created the drawings/images for the birds and worked with Mr. Grade to make the colorful birds and leaves using paper pulp. This installation is located across from the office. Enjoy!

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