The role of the Learning Disability (LD) Teacher is to identify and serve those students who meet the entrance criteria for academic support in the areas of reading, writing, and/or math.

When a student is having academic difficulty, the classroom teacher may consult with the Child Study Team regarding the areas of concern. This may result in a referral for assessment. Upon receiving written parent permission, the Learning Disability Teacher observes the student in the classroom setting and completes an academic assessment. Results are summarized in a written evaluation report and service decisions are made at a team meeting involving the parents. If the student qualifies for service, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed stating goals and objectives for the calendar year. The IEP is also reviewed throughout the school year.

A student who is learning disabled works with the LD Teacher within the classroom or in a small group setting where individualized instruction can be delivered. In addition, the LD teacher consults with the classroom teacher to discuss appropriate classroom modifications.

The goal of the Learning Disability Program is to teach the skills needed to help each student attain his/her academic potential. Often this has a positive effect on the student's self-esteem as well.

For more information on Diamond Path's LD program, please contact the school office.