Welcome to Diamond Path Elementary School of International Studies and our school web site. As the name implies, Diamond Path is a “gem”. It is staffed by creative professionals, dedicated to educating the children who attend school each day. These children come to school with a love of learning that is fostered by the support and guidance they receive at home. Parental commitment is evident not only at home, but also at school. Our volunteers provide a vital service to teachers and students, whether it is chaperoning field trips, completing at home projects, helping in the classrooms, or organizing school events.

The 2007-2008 school year began our transition to a magnet school, and we continue to strive to meet our mission of being a place where everyone loves learning. We are excited to be able to offer students a choice of learning Chinese or Spanish as part of their educational experience at Diamond Path. Additionally, classroom teachers and other teaching staff are creating opportunities to bring a global focus into their instruction. Our curriculum offers a rigor that ensures students will be prepared to lead productive, fulfilling lives. In addition to our core curriculum, Diamond Path offers students regular physical education, art, Chinese, Spanish, music, enrichment classes, special education services and English language learner support. Throughout the year, before and after school classes are taught, both remedial and enrichment. Our fourth grade students spend three days at the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center each fall. We host P.E., math, reading, writing nights, and a variety of music programs for families to enjoy. I invite you to explore our web site and visit our school. You will find that the members of the Diamond Path community work hard to ensure that all who enter our doors feel welcome.

Lynn Hernandez (lynn.hernandez@district196.org, 952-423-7695)