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Diamond Path's vision of A society of life long learners building a global perspective for a better world. is reflected in our international studies theme. International studies is not a separate field or subject, but calls for the infusion of a global perspective in all subjects when appropriate. It helps students understand the world's people, places, and problems. Our students work to develop an international perspective through the study of world languages, global issues, history, culture, and geography. Our students are learning to become knowledgeable and active citizens of our global society.

Literacy and math are the lynchpin of the elementary school day and continue to be the main focus of instruction. Diamond Path maintains a rigorous core curriculum in literacy, math, science, and social studies. More information about our core curriculum can be found at www.district196.org/curriculum/ElementarySchool.

More information about our district's magnet schools can be found on the District's web site:
ISD 196 MagnetSchools

World Languages at Diamond Path

Diamond Path offers our students a choice of studying Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. We are one of the few elementary schools in the country to offer two world languages.

In Kindergarten, students are introduced to both languages spending half of the year in Mandarin Chinese and the other in Spanish. At the end of their Kindergarten year, students choose their language of focus and are expected to stay with that language throughout their elementary years.

Students in grades one through five receive ninety minutes per week of language instruction, while kindergarten students receive thirty minutes each week. Our world language teachers are fully certified by the state of Minnesota to teach their language. Regardless of the world language selected to study, students will receive cultural exposure to both Mandarin Chinese and Spanish through classroom instruction and the specialist areas of art, music and media.

Diamond Path follows the FLES (Foreign Language in the Elementary School) model set by the Center for Applied Linguistics (www.cal.org) and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (www.actfl.org). The primary focus of FLES is on understanding, listening, speaking, and cultural awareness. Grammar is not ignored, but learned indirectly rather than through direct instruction. FLES programs follow the natural sequence of language learning: understanding, speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

While learning a second language at any age is beneficial, there are numerous advantages to language learning at an early age. Studies have shown that the human brain is more open to language development during the years between birth and pre-adolescence and that children are more likely to develop a native-like pronunciation of the language. Other benefits can include improved overall school performance, higher problem-solving skills, and increased scores on standardized tests.

Questions about the magnet program can be directed to Leah Hack, Diamond Path's magnet coordinator, at 952-423-7695 or leah.hack@district196.org.