The Diamond Path discipline policy was written to provide expectations and procedures for handling behavior problems at Diamond Path. It is every staff member's responsibility to be attentive to the behavior of all students throughout the school at any time of day. Patient, consistent enforcement will help us to be more effective and maintain an atmosphere that is relaxed, flexible, secure and enthusiastic.

Diamond Path is a school with which we are proud to be associated. It is a warm, open learning environment. We are fortunate to have a minimal number of discipline problems which we believe can be attributed to responsible, caring students, concerned, committed parents and a capable, respectful staff. There are times, however, when discipline problems occur and need to be dealt with in order for the environment to be maintained.

There are minor incidents that occur each day at school that require a teacher or supervising adult to give special attention to a student or students in order to maintain a healthy learning environment. Incidents that are considered minor might include too much talking, disturbing others, making inappropriate noises and not taking turns. Many times a student will respond by changing his/her behavior following a simple glance, a comment, a brief conference, a seating change or removal from an activity. These techniques are ones that are used frequently and often quite effectively. There are times, however, when a student consistently behaves inappropriately in these minor ways despite the routine disciplinary procedures or when a single incident occurs that is more severe such as harassment, fighting, intentionally misusing school property or insubordination. It then becomes necessary for us to involve parents directly.

Parent support at this point in disciplining and/or cooperating with the consequences of the misbehavior is extremely important. If we can work together to understand and diminish or eliminate the inappropriate behavior, then together we have done our job to help children to monitor their own behavior and create a healthier climate for learning for everyone at Diamond Path.

Discipline Notices

When a student has not responded to the normal disciplinary procedures or has had a single incident that is more severe and needs parents' attention, a discipline notice will be sent home. The first notice is meant to let the student and his/her parents know that the behavior is such that we need to work together to make a change. Parents are asked to discuss the incident with their child, to sign the note indicating they are aware of the incident and return it to school. The second notice is sent home to parents also to be signed and returned, but includes lunch and recess time in the STAR area. The third notice may include 30 minutes of detention time before or after school or time in the STAR area. Consequences may vary at the discretion of the staff members involved.

District 196 Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

District 196 staff and parents have developed a consistent, firm and fair discipline policy. The District Rights and Responsibilities Handbook outlines this policy and it is sent home at the beginning of each school year. Diamond Path School complies with all district discipline policies.