State Requirements for Early Childhood Screening

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The Minnesota Department of Health and the Department of Children, Families and Learning require all children to participate in a health and developmental preschool screening BEFORE entering school.

Your child’s screening will include:

  • a vision and hearing check,
  • a growth evaluation,
  • a review of immunizations,
  • a check on developmental progress
    using a standardized tool,
  • a family health and development
    review, and
  • information and resources for you
    and your child.

The purpose of this screening is to detect any health and/or developmental concerns. Screening is done early to allow time for a preschool experience or other social/educational opportunities if a child needs it. Screening does not include recommendations on whether your child is ready for kindergarten. Kindergarten entrance is based on the district age criteria — a child must be 5 years old on or before September 1 — and the parents’ decision to send their child to school.

Screenings can be done earlier than 3 1/2 years of age if you notice developmental delays or have any concerns about how your child is interacting with other children. If you have a younger child and have concerns, please call the Early Childhood Special Education program at 952-423-8700.

After completing screening in District 196 your local elementary school is notified that your child has been screened. You will receive a summary sheet at the end of your visit and this will serve as proof of early childhood screening should you move to any other school district in Minnesota.

If you are new to District 196 and your child has been previously screened elsewhere, please present a copy of that screening summary to your child’s elementary school at the time of kindergarten registration.

We hope that you, the parent or guardian, along with the screening team (registered nurse and licensed teacher) will be able to take a look at your child’s growth and progress. Screening provides an opportunity for you as a parent to learn more about your child. Together, you and the screening team can identify strengths and perhaps areas that may require special attention BEFORE your child enters school.

If you have questions, call 651-423-7899, Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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