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Exploration Classes

Twice a year, the Exploration Program offers students the opportunity to select an in-depth class on a topic that they want to explore. The class topics are extensions of the regular curriculum, ideas the children want to explore, teachers’ passions and expertise, opportunities in the community, and parents’ talents. The first round of Exploration classes will take place on December 8, 9, and 10, 2008. The first and second graders will participate in their Exploration clases in the morning from 9:45 – 11:10. Third, fourth, and fifth grades will finish their regular school schedule at 1:30 and then head to their Exploration class for the rest of the day. The wide array of classes for children to choose from are described in the brochure. Click here to view the primary or secondary brochures.


B.U.Z Room (Building Understanding Zone)

The Building Understanding Zone (B.U.Z. Room) is a unique inquiry environment where students can learn from a wide range of math, science, and engineering stations as they ask questions, search for meaning, and communicate their thoughts and findings.

Opening in January, the Physical World exhibit will offer hands-on interactive, learning that focus on magnets, electricity, heavy and light, sound, light, motion, sink and float. Students will have a blast discovering new and exciting concepts through fun, learning-focused play. Students will experience a hands-on, stimulating environment. Students will encounter an exciting, immersive world that arouses their curiosity, increases their understanding, and ignites an appreciation for learning.




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