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Cedar Park Elementary STEM School welcomes and respects all students and their families as members of the Cedar Park community of learners. Offering a comprehensive education with high expectations and achievement, Cedar Park will prepare its students for life-long learning by developing their confidence and abilities as learners and problem-solvers. Cedar Park is committed to use innovative, cooperative methods and an interdisciplinary curriculum that embrace creativity as expressed through multiple intelligences and multiculturalism.


Cedar Park students will become scientifically, technologically, and mathematically literate. They will use scientific, technological, and mathematical principles in real-life applications such as design engineering and service projects that contribute to the community. They will use what they know about what already exists (science, math and technology) to create new ideas and products (engineering). Cedar Park students will celebrate and embrace diversity. They will learn to work with others respectfully and collaboratively.

We Believe:

• students, staff, families, the environment and ourselves deserve respect
• students can reach their full potential by having consistent high academic expectations and by building their sense of responsibility for learning and caring for each other
• students should know that many problems have multiple solutions
• learning is a process of active construction by the student
• learning is best when it is real, purposeful, and useful to the student
• curriculum should guide students in mastering key information, ideas and skills that are essential to the methodologies of the disciplines
• curriculum should be rooted in discovery, the manipulation of ideas, and the integration of subjects
• schools prepare students for the future by teaching them how to successfully deal with the present.



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