Connections Preschool

Support your child's growth by enrolling them in a district preschool program led by licensed early childhood teachers. Come! Learn! Play!

Connect to Values: Early Learning Beliefs

Connections Preschool staff believe:

  • Early Childhood is a remarkable time of psychological, physical, social and academic development.
  • Learning is a social process where children learn through play, exploration and inquiry.
  • Families are a child's first and most influential teachers.
  • Each child has unique strengths.
  • Children thrive in a safe environment where their needs are met through mutual respect,nurturing and consistency.
  • Strong family, school and community partnerships help ensure a child's success in school.

Connect to skills: What to Expect

Young children are eager to learn and play. Every Connections Preschool class gives children an opportunity to interact with other children in fun, engaging activities while learning important skills. The Connections Preschool curriculum guides young children in developing skills in the following areas: creativity and the arts, language and literacy, mathematical and scientific thinking, physical and motor, and social and emotional. Children assume increasing personal responsibility and independence as they grow and develop.

  • All programs are half day, offered September through May.
  • All classrooms have a sliding fee scale. Families may qualify for financial assistance.
  • All classrooms are offered in collaboration with Early Childhood Special Education.

Connect with Experience: Licensed Teachers

All Connections Preschool teachers are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Education in Early Childhood Education. Teachers lead hands-on activities that address children’s individual needs and interests, while providing important prekindergarten content. Staff support and training is provided through School District 196.

Before Entering Preschool

    • Early Childhood Screening: 3- and 4-year old children must complete a free early childhood developmental screening. If your child has not been screened please call 651-423-7899 to schedule a screening appointment.
    • Immunizations: your child’s immunizations must be up to date. Contact your child’s health provider or the Dakota County Public Health Department ( or 952-891-7528) to learn about immunization requirements.

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